Sunday, June 19, 2011



READING: You must read for at least 15 minutes each night. Record your reading in the table below. Write a paragraph about your least favourite character in the book. Describe their appearance and personality. Why don't you like them?
SPELLING: Learn your 10 spelling words for the week. Practice learning them everyday. Copy and complete the grid below for each word.

Follow the links on your classroom blog and play at least three maths games this week. Keep a record of which games you played in your homework book.
Choose one times table to learn. Ask someone at home to test you nightly and keep a record or your time and score in your homework book.

INQUIRY: For homework this week you need to do some research into Astrology and the Signs of the Zodiac.

1. Write a brief paragraph describing what astrology is.

2. What is your star sign? Draw a picture of its symbol. What are some of the personality traits associated with your star sign? Do you think you have these traits?

3. Find your daily horoscope in the newspaper or online and paste a copy into your homework book. What predictions does the horoscope make about your day? Did these predictions come true?
For extension you could find several horoscopes from different sources. Do they all make the same predictions about your day?  Would you expect them to all be the same? Why or why not?

4. Write a paragraph giving your opinion of astrology. Do you think the movement of the planets and stars has an affect on your life and personality? Can we make predictions about our future based on our star sign?

Please take care with the presentation of your work in your homework book.

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