Thursday, June 23, 2011

Term 2 Week 9 Homework


Learn your 10 spelling words for the week. Write 5 of your words in an interesting sentence. Underline the spelling word in the sentence. Draw the other 5 words and write your spelling word underneath your illustrations.


You must read for at least 15 minutes each night. Record your reading in the table below.

You have been busy learning about geometry in your maths class. To test your knowledge on 'Reflection, Rotation, Translation, Enlargement' click on the relevant link below. Record your score in your homework book. 
Year 5
Year 6

Practice your basic facts. Time how long it takes for you to recall the x3 and x4 tables. You need to say each table out loud. For example: "3 ones are 3, 3 twos are 6, 3 threes are 9 ..." Record your times in your homework book. Have as many goes as you can recording your each time you get. Hopefully you will see a big improvement the more you practice!

Good luck!

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