Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eastborne's Shining Star

The 'Shining Star' award, sponsored by Professionals Real Estate (Jacqui Wall), was presented to Katie Beevers today.  Katie is a Year 6 student, in Room 15, at Muritai School.  Katie has been chosen as she is always 'respectful to her teachers and peers'.  She is responsible, shows initiative in all her learning and is very supportive towards her classmates.  Katie has lots of empathy for others which is a wonderful attribute to have.  Katie is also fully involved in school-life through the Peer mediation programme and is a member of the school road safety team as well as the Kapa Haka performance group and school sports teams.  She is a great role model for others. Katie is definitely a 'Shining Star'.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back into it...

Term 3

This term is going to be a very busy one with plenty of opportunities for students to continue to achieve. There will be a Lost Civilisations inquiry unit, speeches, ICAS Mathematics and English, Art Splash choir, gymnastics, the Wearable Arts and also netball and hockey sporting competitions. Students will need to continue to display the CARE code, making the most of these opportunities.

Wearable Arts
This years Wearable Arts is connected to our inquiry; Lost Civilisations. We have 3 different themes (The Earth, The Sea and The Heavens) that will be thoroughly introduced to the students this week. The making of the wearable arts will be a mixture of at home and school. We will have a full mask making week as well as 2 finishing off days later in the term for the wearable art pieces. The following is the current timetable for this process:

By the end of Week1
Students will have chosen a theme.

By the end of Week2
Students will have designed a Wearable Art and know what materials they need.

By the end of Week3
Have created their mask (in class).

By the end of Week5
They will have started their costume (at home).

By the end of Week6
Have finished their costume.

This terms inquiry is Lost Civilisations. Over the term we will be completing a number of pieces of work that will be compiled into a typed and bound finished product. Each week students will have an expectation to complete certain pieces of work that might need to be finished at home. This inquiry links to the wearable arts show and is designed to create wonderment and excitement in the mystical world around them.

The homework structure this term will be a mixture of speech homework (research, development and preparation) and also wearable arts. Students can also keep up with the basics, such as reading and mathletics.

Our literacy focus will be on speeches. This year the students will also be doing a mihimihi/pepeha to introduce themselves before their speech. The following is the current timetable for this process:

By the end of Week1
Students will have chosen a speech topic. Students will have written an interesting and catchy introduction in class. Students will have an understanding of what goes into their pepeha.

By the end of Week3
Students need to have developed research questions and done the research that will help them in their speech. Students will have written the main part of their speech.

By the end of Week4
Students will have everything prepared and have thoroughly practiced their speech.

By the end of Week5
Students will have performed their speech in class.

Now that we are half way through the year there are a number of students who require more stationery. The students have all done a stocktake of their current stationary and know what items they require. Please discuss with your child whether they have the required stationery to be prepared for each lesson.

Nga mihi nui

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

syndicate assembly week 4 term 2

Syndicate Assembly

Shoes and Slippers
·      Remember to put your shoes and slippers on the racks.

·      Stay clear of the corridors at morning tea and lunchtime, especially the entrance door.

·      The library is open at 1pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  You need to enter the library through the ‘outside’ door (the door by the playground).

Art Class
·      The Y6’s art session will be today instead of Friday.  The Y5’s art class begins next week.

Table Tennis
·      The competition continues…

·      Practice in hall at lunchtime today.

Camp DVDs
·      These were handed out today.  If you still want a DVD, see Mr. Chadwick ASAP.  He will take some late orders.

CZ Soccer – Tuesday 28 May
·      Teams are required to assemble at Sladden Park at 9.15am for a briefing about the tournament organization. The first game will then commence at 9.30am with the last game finishing at 12.00pm. The tournament concludes at 12.30pm with a 10-minute prize giving. We will be leaving school at 8.45am. Please be at school at 8.30am on the day of the tournament, we will meet in the library. 
The postponement day for the tournament is Thursday 30th May.
·      We are continuing to collect jackets this week.  If you have any jackets at home that you can donate, take them to the office.  We will be donating all of the jackets to a school whose students are in need of some winter warmth.

·      Remember: This Friday is a TEACHER ONLY dayJ

Monday, May 13, 2013

syndicate assembly week 2 term 2

Syndicate Assembly

Camp DVD of photos
·      Order forms were given out last week and need to be returned to the office by Friday.
·      If you need another order form, see your teacher.

Peer Mediators
·      There will be a training meeting on Tuesday at morning tea.  ALL peer mediators are to attend.

Road Patrol
·      A BIG thank you to all of our road patrollers for your work in term 1.  Keep up the good work!

Y6 Art Class
·      The art class will be on this Friday and next Friday lunchtimes in Room 14.

NO shoes inside
·      Remember to take your shoes off before you come inside AND to put them on when you are back outside.

Inside play
·      There will be more days spent inside during morning tea and lunchtime because of the winter weather.  Make sure you choose your ‘inside’ activities wisely.

BP Challenge
·      Mr. McMillan will LAUNCH the BP Challenge this Friday. 

Cross Country
·      The school cross country is next Tuesday @ Williams Park
·      The Y5/6 cross-country race will be run in reverse this year.  This means that you will run up the ‘switchback path’ and then down the walking trail.

Table Tennis
·      The Central Zone tournament has been cancelled
·      Mr. Chadwick will set up a school competition that will run throughout the term.

CZ Football
·      The boy’s trials are on Tuesday at lunchtime.

·      Practice will be in the hall each Monday lunchtime.

Monday, March 25, 2013

syndicate assembly week 8

Syndicate Assembly

·      Camp was AWESOME!  From all accounts it was a fantastic experience for both students and parents.
·      A BIG thank you to all of our fulltime and day parents…you were FAB!
·      An encore performance of ‘On Direction’ can be found on Room 12’s classroom blog
·      A notice will come home, later this week, asking for interest in a camp DVD of photos
·      Camp books and pencil cases need to be returned to school
·      There has been a lot of lost property left at Forest Lakes Camp:
1 pair white puma shoes size 2
Blue Pillowslip (Main Camp)
Lightweight navy blue Mountain Pass raincoat
White and blue American college style jacket/hoodie with ‘68’ logo on it
Size 6 Glassons red and white top
Size 16 axle black and white rash top
Size small green hoodie – Named Pablo on tag
Fluorescent green belt
Blue sneakers Size 44 Marcs brand
Size 7 boys swimming togs black
1 head torch
A couple of pairs of socks
*If of any of these things are yours Forest Lakes Camp are happy to return them if you send a self addressed post paid bag to return them in (Forest Lakes Rd, Otaki North 5581).

DATE: Wednesday 27 March 2013
TIME: 10.30am -1.30pm (often finish early approx. 1.00pm)
10.30-10.40am Warm up time
10.45 First race
DEPART FROM SCHOOL: 9.30am                     
VENUE: Naenae Swimming Pool        

·      Touch Rugby
The finals will be held on Thursday.  Please contact Mr. Chadwick of you are unable to play on Thursday night.

·      Cricket
Training will be on Wednesday for the boy’s team and Thursday for the girl’s team.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Syndicate Assembly week 6

Syndicate Assembly

·      Rubbish
There seems to be a lot of rubbish being left on the field.  Make sure you put YOUR rubbish in the bin and pick any rubbish you see lying around the playground/field even if it’s not YOURS.

·      Trees around the field
Please look after the trees around the field!  Be the GAURDIANS!!

·      Capital E Arts Festival
The Y5-8 students will be going to 3 performances at the Capital E Arts Festival this Friday (

Fri 15 Mar 2013 10:00 AM
Sky Dancer
Fri 15 Mar 2013 11:30 AM
Down Beneath Below
Fri 15 Mar 2013 01:15 PM
The Man the Sea Saw

We will be traveling by bus to the festival.   The 3 parent helpers are Linda Monrad, Jane Woolley and Jane Humphries.

·      Peer Mediators
Peer Mediation will begin the week after camp. 

·      Touch Rugby
There will be practices this week.  Listen out for the notices informing you of your training time during the week.

·      Cricket
The girls and boys team training days and times are yet to be confirmed.

·      Camp
An email, containing the gear list, will be sent to all families this week.  It’s time to start preparations for camp.

·      Cleanest class competition
The competition will run over the school term and at the end of each week Danish and Aijita (the cleaners) will check each classroom to see which room is the tidiest.  The tidiest classroom for that week will receive a certificate and the classroom with the most certificates over the competition period will win the school award for overall best cleaned classroom.

·      NZEI Union Meeting
There is a meeting for the teachers on Wednesday afternoon.  Make sure you know whether you are going home with your parents or if you need to stay at school until 2.55pm.

·      CARE certificate
Congratulations Ben Cass!  Ben received a ‘Citizenship' award for being a great support to another student during lunchtime.