Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homework: Term 2 Week 7


Our homework focus this week is practicing the presentation of your speech for the competition. Most of you will be presenting your speech next week. This week you need to practice, practice, PRACTICE so you are well prepared. Keep getting feedback from people at home. These people could be a parent, brother, sister, relation, friend or someone in your class. Refer to the judging template so you know what they will be looking for. Look carefully at what you will be judged so to ensure you get the best score possible!

Other things to think about or get feedback on:

~How well you use cue cards/powerpoint/other props or even better you have memorised your speech off by heart?
~Are you enjoying yourself?
~Do you believe in what you are telling/saying to the audience?
~Facial expressions, props, displays confidence, gestures, dress appropriate?
~Is each word clear?
~Is the tone right?
~Is there effective pausing?
~Are the main ideas emphasised?
~Is a rhythm maintained?

This is also the week to finalise your visual aids and know when you will be referring to them during your speech. Remember to not let your visual aids take over your presentation, the attention of the audience needs to be on you for the majority of the time. If you need a data projector and or laptop make sure you let your teacher know so it is all organised.

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