Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homework Week 6 Term 2

This week you are to concentrate purely on your speeches. Have fun! We can't wait to hear them.

This is an important week for the preparation of your speech. Your task this week is to start compiling all your ideas into the structure of a speech. You need to:
  • Write all your ideas into paragraphs (Remember to think of the big idea of every paragraph so your ideas have a logical sequence)
  • Write an introduction to grab the attention of your audience,
  • Write a conclusion to finish your speech. (Refer back to your speech hamburger sheet)
  • Once it is written out in sequence, try reading it aloud to someone at home and have them time you. Is it between 3 and 5 minutes? If it is too short you will need to add more content. If it is too long you might need to take some content out. Remember, as you practice more your speech will get faster to deliver so its better to have more than less.
You will have time in class this week to discuss ideas with your teacher and class mates so check with your teacher to see when is a good day to bring your speech in to share.

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