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Wearable Arts 2011

Wearable Arts 2011

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Wearable Arts Show will provide opportunities for a range of students to excel. Staff and children are really excited about this coming event.

Students will be able to choose a category to base their wearable art around. These categories are: Stone Age, Medieval, Industrial Age and Space Age. In order for your child’s piece of art to be a success they will need support from you at home. It would be great if you could discuss the initial ideas and possible materials that could be used. Your child may also need assistance with the initial construction of the piece. Below is an overview of the term for Wearable Arts which will give you an idea of what we will be focusing on at school and what is expected from your child. It also gives you an idea of how you can assist them at home.

The main thing to remember when discussing the design with your child is

that it is an artwork, giving the idea of a theme- rather than a costume,

eg: creating a dress out of joined together papier mache' bones rather than

dressing up as a dinosaur. If you need any inspiration you can find lots of

ideas on Google Images. Just type in 'Wearable Arts'. Generally we like the

creations to have a recycled element to them, but it does not have to be

totally recycled.

It is completely understood that not all parents are creatively wired, or

can wield a needle and thread. If you are lucky enough to be blessed in the

area of arts and crafts please let your classroom teacher know. We could

definitely utilise your talents. If you are able to lend a hand at school

during week 7 contact your child’s classroom teacher.

The show will be in week ten and as always will be an exciting and colourful

event. Tickets will be on sale from week 6.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 5/6 Teachers

Term Overview for Wearable Arts.


At School

At home


Introduction of concept – What is Wearable Art? Brainstorming ideas for each category, viewing images to represent each category. Discussion of categories and initial designs.

Wearable Art Training Day in groups

Viewing of Wearable Arts on internet. Discussion points:

  • What does it represent?
  • What materials are used?
  • How was it made?
  • How are different elements attached together?


Deciding on category for show. Drawing designs including front, back and side views.

Write a procedure outlining the step by step process on constructing their wearable art.

Collating list of materials/resources needed in classes.

Share designs at home. Discussion points:

· What are you representing?

· What material will you need?

· How will you make it?


Skills Teaching through Arts programme:

· Weaving

· Stitching

· Folding

· Attachment options

Collecting of materials/resources for piece of art.


Start constructing, particularly if design requires a lot of preparation e.g:

· Papier Mache

· Nailing holes

· Attaching a lot of small objects

Tickets on sale.




MAKING WEEK!!!! (Monday – Thursday)

Children to bring in all work completed so far along with additional materials to continue with construction.

Assistance in class from parents that can help.


Preparation and Rehearsal for Performances

Work on finished touches of piece of art if required at home.




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