Thursday, August 18, 2011

Term 3 Week 4 Homework

WALT – Learn your 10 words and include them in a short story. Try to be as creative as you can and don’t forget your VCOP’s. Underline your words.


You must read for a minimum of 15 minutes every night, any longer is a bonus! Draw up a table and record your reading progress. Be sure to write a small reflection of your reading this week. What did you enjoy? Do you have any ideas on what might happen next?

Choose one (or both) of the following options:
• Choose 2 of the times tables that you find the trickiest and practice them. Record them down and see how quickly you can recite them.
• Go onto the class blogs and play some of the maths games. Can you find one to play that you have never played? Record the games down.

Wearable Art
This week you would have completed your procedure on how to construct your wearable art in class. Your job this week is to take this procedure home and discuss the process with Mum or Dad. Below are some questions Mum or Dad might be asking you, so make sure you are prepared to answer them!

* Have you listed all the materials and tools you will need?
* Do you think you can realistically make this using your instructions?
* What will you need assistance with?
* How long do you think it will take to complete?

This is also the week to make your final adjustments to your designs.

******************ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS UNTIL MAKING WEEK *******************

Do you have a lot of preparation to do before making week in week 7?

If your project involves papier mache, attaching A LOT of little things by threading or gluing or cutting A LOT of things out you need to start NOW!

Good luck!

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