Thursday, August 25, 2011

Term 3 Week 5 Homework

WALT – Learn your 10 words and see if you can include them all in a 50 word narrative! Remember to underline your spelling words.


You must read for a minimum of 15 minutes every night, any longer is a bonus! Draw up a table and record your reading progress.

Choose one (or both) of the following options:
• Choose 2 of the times tables that you find the trickiest and practice them. Record them down and see how quickly you can recite them.
• Go onto the class blogs and play some of the maths games. Can you find one to play that you have never played? Record the games down.

Wearable Arts
Write a 'progress report' on how things are going with your Wearable Arts design. Think about:
  • What you have done so far? 
  • What is working well? 
  • What challenges have you had to overcome and how did you overcome these challenges? 
  • How are you tracking?
  • What are your goals for the next week?
The idea is for you to spend time reflecting on how things are going. Are you ahead of schedule? Do you need extra help? Have you got the materials needed to create your design? Does your design need to be updated because of changes or improvements you have made?

No need for a novel, so keep it brief (a half to one page only).

Good luck!

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