Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homework week 9 Term 1

Year 5/6 Homework Term 1 Week 9 2011
Learn the 10 spelling words for the week. Practise learning them everyday. Put 5 of them into sentences.

Reading: You must read for at least 15 minutes each night. Record your reading in a table. Write a small reflection of your reading this week. What did you enjoy? Predict what is going to happen.

Basic facts: What basic facts do you need to learn? Choose 1 of them to learn and master – if you can do them out of order you are doing very well!

Inquiry: For inquiry at the moment we are looking at the Christchurch earthquake. This week, find a story of interest relating to the earthquake. It could be anything from friendships, animals, rebuilding, heroism etc. Bring the article in (or record the main points down) and share them with a friend on Friday.
If you do not have the internet, find something in the newspaper.
Tip: you will find some links to great websites on the class blogs.

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