Sunday, April 3, 2011



Learn your 10 spelling words for the week. You should practice them everyday. Put your words into sentences.


You must read for at least 15 minutes each night. Record your reading in the Read Around New Zealand table. Draw an illustration of your favourite character and write a brief description of what they are like.


What times tables do you need to learn? Choose 1 of them to learn and master – if you can do them out of order you are doing very well!

Room 13's Maths Class:
On Monday night please note how many minutes of 'screen time' you had. You need to round it to the nearest 15 minutes.

Bring this information to Maths on Tuesday.


For inquiry we have been looking at Earthquakes. Your teacher will give you a “Easy Ways to Quake Safe Your Home” pamphlet from the New Zealand Earthquake Commission.

  1. Read through the pamphlet with you family and discuss what you could do to make your home “quake safe.” List 5 of the most important things you could do to make your home safer in an earthquake.
  2. Draw the contents of an “emergency kit.” Think about what your family would need to survive for three days if there was no electricity and you could not go into your house.

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