Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 8

Continue learning your words from your spelling lists. You need to recite the spelling of these words every night with someone at home while doing star jumps. If you have particularly tricky words, you must find its dictionary meaning and write your word in a sentence.
Continue Reading Around New Zealand. Keep going and push yourself even harder. Set yourself a goal to get to the next town by the end of the week.
What does it mean to observe? When you observe something, you look at it very closely. How can we be good observers? We can look at something very, very closely. We want to notice all the details.
In class we have been paying special attention to the Nikau tree and we have produced some amazing drawings and paintings.
For homework this week you are to take an ordinary object and look at it very closely. You are going to practice seeing. You are to draw exactly what you see. Try to add as much detail as you can.

Bring your drawings to school on Friday to share with the class.

Have a go at playing some of the maths games on our class blogs. Record the games you play in your homework book.


Year 6's: All Peer Mediator applications need to be handed in to either Mr. Hull or Mr. Devenport by Thursday 24th.

This Wednesday: Capital E Arts Festival Trip to Wellington city. Check out the website for more information:

Have a lovely week!

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