Sunday, October 31, 2010

Year 5/6 Homework Term 4 Week 4 2010

Year 5/6 Homework Term 4 Week 4 2010

Learn the 10 spelling words for the week. You must be able to recite them to someone at home correctly while doing STAR JUMPS.

Go onto the class blogs and play some of the maths games. Record the games you played.
Extra: Think about what times tables you need to learn and practice them while doing press ups and sit ups.

This week for reading you are to find your favourite picture book and read it to someone younger than you. Make sure that you have practised your expression and different voices. Make the book come alive for the listener! Also make up four questions for your little reader to answer and make them think.
Record in your book what you read and who you read it to.

Inquiry: Design a family disaster plan fridge magnet

As a family brainstorm information that you could include on the magnet, such as:
* nearest Civil Defence Centre
* family meeting place
* out-of-area contact
* emergency contacts
* space for household emergency plan

Have fun and no moaning about the sit ups and press ups!

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