Saturday, October 9, 2010

Term 4 Week 1 Homework

For the next few weeks for homework it is important you really focus on your spelling knowledge because in week 4 you will be tested on ALL the essential lists plus commonly misspelt words. It is vital we have as many people pass these lists as possible.

Take an essential words lists sheet home this week and focus on 10 words you still find challenging from your list. If you have passed all your lists focus on those tricky words from CMW so you are really confident at spelling them.

Remember to read every night for at least 15 minutes. Copy and complete the grid below. Make a summary of the key events that have happened in the chapters/pages you have read.

For the next three weeks all classes are in revision mode - revisiting all the tricky lessons from the year so far. One area we will all be focusing on is fractions and decimals. Click on the cake below to take you to a website with a whole lot of fraction and decimal activities and games to play. Try to spend at least 10 minutes each night on one of these activities. Record the activities in your book and what you were practicing.

This term our Inquiry focus is natural disasters and how to prepare for them. This week you will be learning about hazards in the classroom and around the school. For homework this week we would like you to think about potential hazards in your house. Use a hazard grid (your teacher will give you this) to draw a plan of your house and identify the hazards using a coding system. (This will be explained in further detail later in the week).

Good Luck!

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