Saturday, May 28, 2011

Speech Timetable 2011

Week 3 & 4:
Viewing last years finals & Choose a topic and Brainstorm/ research information
Team meeting to view last years finals. Discuss “What makes a great speech?”
Class session on possible starters
Brainstorm beginnings and work on content and structure.
Share ‘Hamburger’ diagram to model a good speech.

Week 5
Prepare and work on content
Work on content and structure

Week 6
Work on delivery and presentation
In class Share speech at home- get feedback , use a form , homework task. Revising language and structure for possible improvements.

Week 7& 8
Final preparation.
Deliver speech to own class. Class finals Preparation, gathering and using visual aids. Each class to choose 3or 4 finalists for a year semi.

Week 9
Year Semi finals
Presentation of speeches with teacher/ student judging.

Week 10
Team finals . (5th Jul)
Top speeches from each class presents them to the team and parents.

Check out the videos below of the speech finals last year.

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