Saturday, November 13, 2010

Homework - Term 4 Week 6

Choose Your Own Homework

This week you get to choose your homework and report back on what you did.

Spelling- Choose 10 words to learn for the week.

Reading- Read for at least 15 minutes each night. Record what you read in a table.

Now for the fun bit...

Investigate something interesting to you or report on something you know a lot about. You can choose from these or make up an investigation of your own.

  • Cooking and baking with your family
  • Designing and making something at home
  • Report on a news item from a family event or world news
  • Writing an original story or poem including illustrations
  • Visit an art gallery or museum and report on what you saw.
  • Undertake a mathematical investigation at the supermarket or around the house.
  • Create an interesting learning activity for the class
  • Read a book and write a review.
  • Write a consumer evaluation of a new product. E.g acleaning product or food. Did it do what it said, taste good ,provide energy. Read the packaging for ideas to talk about.

Or something else !!!!

There are however the following guidelines:

  • Include at least half a page or written work which can include pictures or diagrams. You must say what you think you will learn from the activity (The WALT), what you actually did learn and how it went.
  • A parental signature must be included with this homework.
  • We will be sharing the homework on Friday.

Give yourself a challenge to try something different, fun and challenging

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