Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homework - Term 4 Week 5

Well done to everyone for your hard work completing all those tests last week... What a mission! You all did superbly and have made huge progress since the beginning of the year!

Only a few more weeks till the end of the year but please keep focused on your homework and ensure you keep high standards. Remember it is important you do your best at ALL of these activities below.

Good luck!


Choose 10 inquiry based words to learn this week. Try and challenge yourself with some tricky ones. Along with learning your words please find the dictionary meaning for each one using either a dictionary (of course) or Google. Write these definitions neatly in your book with the word underlined.


Remember to read for at least 10 minutes every night. Copy and complete your reading grid neatly. Talk to someone at home about your book. Tell them what has happened so far, what is the complication and make a prediction of how the complication will be resolved.


Choose 10 numbers and write them neatly in your book. Next to each number list all the factors for that number. Factors are numbers that are multiplied together to give you that number. For example:

12 Factors = 1, 12, 2, 6, 3, 4


This week for inquiry we will be learning about historic disasters that have occurred in the Wellington region. In class you will visit this website to learn about these disasters. Your homework task is to share 3 facts about these disasters with someone at home.



Our School Athletics Day is this Thursday at Petone Rec. Please remember to be at school on time with everything you need for an active day in the sun shine!
* hat
* big drink (maybe even 2)
* suitable footwear
* warm top and/or jacket
* big lunch!

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