Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Homework for Term 2!!

This is the last homework for the week so lets do something a bit different.


No need to select your spelling words for the week. This week visit Spelling City. Choose a spelling level then select a game or test. Have fun completing the wordfinds and other activities.

Term 2 Reflection:

It's nearly the end of the term. It sure has been a busy one! Everyone has worked incredibly hard on all the many activities throughout the term.

Visit your classroom blog and read through all the posts from the term. Choose at least two post to comment on. Write a PMI comment each post.

P: Positive
M: Minus
I: Interesting


Your individual inquiries will be due to your classroom teacher by the end of this week. You may need to use some time at home to work on your information gathering, note making or presentation so you can comfortably make this deadline.

Good luck!

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