Sunday, May 9, 2010

Homework Term 2 Week 4!


WALT – Learn words from the essential list and the inquiry unit.

Write an interesting sentence for each of your spelling words. 
Try to be as creative as you can and don’t forget your VCOP’s.


You must read for a minimum of 15 minutes every night, any longer is a bonus!

Draw up a table and record your reading progress. 
Be sure to write a small reflection of your reading this week.
What did you enjoy? What did you least enjoy? Do you have any ideas on what might happen next?

Play a different game from the blog each night and record it in your book.

Speech Timeline Term 2 2010

Week 3 & 4:  
Viewing last years finals & Choose a topic and Brainstorm/ research information
Team meeting to view last years finals. Discuss “What makes a great speech?”
Class session on possible starters
Brainstorm beginnings and work on content and structure.
Share ‘Hamburger’ diagram to model a good speech.

Week 5 
  Prepare and work on content
In class Analyse what a quality speech might be
Work on content and structure

Week 6
Work on delivery and presentation
In class Share speech at home- get feedback , use a form , homework task. Revising language and structure for possible improvements.

Week 7& 8
Final preparation.
Deliver speech to own class.  Classfinals Preparation, gathering and using visual aids. Each class to choose 3or 4 finalists for a year semi.

Week 9 
Year Semi  finals
Presentation of speeches with teacher/ student judging.

Week 10
Team finals . (24th Jun)
Top speeches from each class presents them to the team and parents.

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