Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back into it...

Term 3

This term is going to be a very busy one with plenty of opportunities for students to continue to achieve. There will be a Lost Civilisations inquiry unit, speeches, ICAS Mathematics and English, Art Splash choir, gymnastics, the Wearable Arts and also netball and hockey sporting competitions. Students will need to continue to display the CARE code, making the most of these opportunities.

Wearable Arts
This years Wearable Arts is connected to our inquiry; Lost Civilisations. We have 3 different themes (The Earth, The Sea and The Heavens) that will be thoroughly introduced to the students this week. The making of the wearable arts will be a mixture of at home and school. We will have a full mask making week as well as 2 finishing off days later in the term for the wearable art pieces. The following is the current timetable for this process:

By the end of Week1
Students will have chosen a theme.

By the end of Week2
Students will have designed a Wearable Art and know what materials they need.

By the end of Week3
Have created their mask (in class).

By the end of Week5
They will have started their costume (at home).

By the end of Week6
Have finished their costume.

This terms inquiry is Lost Civilisations. Over the term we will be completing a number of pieces of work that will be compiled into a typed and bound finished product. Each week students will have an expectation to complete certain pieces of work that might need to be finished at home. This inquiry links to the wearable arts show and is designed to create wonderment and excitement in the mystical world around them.

The homework structure this term will be a mixture of speech homework (research, development and preparation) and also wearable arts. Students can also keep up with the basics, such as reading and mathletics.

Our literacy focus will be on speeches. This year the students will also be doing a mihimihi/pepeha to introduce themselves before their speech. The following is the current timetable for this process:

By the end of Week1
Students will have chosen a speech topic. Students will have written an interesting and catchy introduction in class. Students will have an understanding of what goes into their pepeha.

By the end of Week3
Students need to have developed research questions and done the research that will help them in their speech. Students will have written the main part of their speech.

By the end of Week4
Students will have everything prepared and have thoroughly practiced their speech.

By the end of Week5
Students will have performed their speech in class.

Now that we are half way through the year there are a number of students who require more stationery. The students have all done a stocktake of their current stationary and know what items they require. Please discuss with your child whether they have the required stationery to be prepared for each lesson.

Nga mihi nui

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