Sunday, March 3, 2013

Syndicate assembly Week 5

Y5/6 Syndicate Assembly
Monday 4th March


·      Inside @ morning tea and lunchtime
No one is to be inside without permission from a teacher!

·      Scooters and bikes
Scooters and bikes MUST be parked before school.  No riding around on the school grounds before OR after school.

·      Hats
A BIG thank you to all those who are their wearing hats in the playground.  Keep those ‘full brimmed hats” on!

·      Tidy classrooms and cloak bay
It is our responsibility to keep our classroom clean and tidy as well as our class cloak bay area.  Make sure you hang up your bags and things in the cloak bay AND pick up any rubbish on the floor.

·      Stealing
Some food has been going missing from people’s lunchboxes recently.  Make sure you respect other people’s property.

·      Trees around the edge of the field
There have been some issues with students who spend their time hanging out in the trees around the edges of the field.  If this persists we will have to ban certain students from these areas.

·      Milo Cricket
Cricket practice this week:
Y5/6 Girls @ lunchtime on Wednesday
Y5/6 Boys @ lunchtime on Friday
*Mr. McMillan has asked that you bring any cricket gear you have at home to the training

·      Touch Rugby
Touch trainings for the Y5/6 teams will be on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

·      Art club
Ms. Berry said that there has been some stunning art work from our Y5/6 students this term.

School Magazine
·      This term there will be an opportunity for students to be involved in the creation of a school magazine.  Mr. Chadwick and Ms. Berry will lead the project.  There will be a variety of roles for students to engage in as well as an chance for our writers to shine.  Watch this space!

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