Sunday, February 10, 2013

Syndicate Assembly Week 2

Syndicate Assembly 
Monday 11th February 2013

• Notices
There will be a lot of notices sent home over the next few weeks e.g. sports and camp notices. It will be important for the students to return any slips as soon as possible.

• Homework
The Y5/6 syndicate homework has been sent out today.

• Hats
 It’s term 1 and each child needs a hat to wear everyday outside. It needs to be a wide brimmed hat, not a cap and ideally should be left at school in their desk for easy access. Thank you to those students who have remembered. Students not wearing hats have to stay in the shade area by the junior rooms.

• PE Shed
The PE shed will be open every lunchtime (weather permitting). The PE shed door will be open and the PE shed monitors will work from inside the shed. The equipment needs to be returned by those who took it out, which has been an issue in the past. Students who don't return their gear will be given a chance BUT after they have used it up they will not be able to take PE gear out for a period of time (TBC).

• Sport
Milo Cricket: Mr McMillan will have a meeting tomorrow for all those who are interested in playing cricket, boys and girls.
Touch Rugby: Mr Chadwick has asked that all touch rugby notices and money be returned to the office by Thursday this week.

• Art club
Ms Berry will run Art Club every Friday lunchtime in Room 14. The Year 6’s are invited to attend for the first five weeks and then the Year 5’s in the second five weeks of the term.

• The 4 C’s
REMEMBER: Courtesy Consideration Cooperation Common Sense

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