Sunday, July 1, 2012

Term 3

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Term 3
The next term is going to be a very busy one with plenty of opportunities for students to
continue to achieve. There will be an Olympic inquiry unit, speeches, ICAS Mathematics and
English, a Year 5/6 sports exchange with Boulcott and Hutt Central Schools, Arts Splash
choir, gymnastics, the Production, our Enviroschools 3 year Green/Gold celebrations, the BP
technology challenge and also netball, rugby and hockey sporting competitions. Students
will need to continue to display the CARE code, making the most of these opportunities.

The homework structure at the start of next term will be a mixture of speech research,
development and preparation. After this it will be a weekly Olympic inquiry task that will
be collated into a final inquiry piece. Students will also need to continue to do the basics;
spelling words, Mathletics and daily reading.

Next term our initial literacy focus will be on speeches. The following is the current timetable
for this process:

1) By the end of the holidays
Students need to have a topic sorted

2) By the end of Week 1
Students need to have developed research questions and done the research that will help
them in their speech

3) By the end of Week 2
Students will have written an interesting and catchy introduction in class. Students also need
to have practiced this at home.

4) By the end of Week 3
Students will have written the main part of their speech.

5) By the end of Week 4
Students will have everything prepared and practiced their speech.

6) By the end of Week 5
Students will have performed their speech in class.

Now that we are half way through the year there are a number of students who require more
stationery. Please discuss with your child whether they have the required stationery to be
prepared for each lesson. Students are expected to have:
• Required textbooks (covered)
• Ruler
• Rubber
• Pens (Blue or black and red)
• Pencil
• Pencil Sharpener
• Glue Stick
• Calculator


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