Saturday, February 25, 2012

Camp Gear List 2012:  It's time to get ready!!!

Forest Lakes Camp 2012

Student Equipment List


Sunhat (wide brimmed)
Waterproof/windproof jacket
2 Warm (polar fleece or wool) jerseys
6 sets of underwear
6 pairs of socks
1 pair of sports shoes
1 old pair of shoes for getting muddy
Casual footwear (inside use)
6 T shirts
2 pairs of shorts
2 pair of trousers
Swimming togs (2 if you have them)

Bathroom and personal supplies

Soap, Shampoo
Face cloth
Hand towel
2  to 3 bath towels
Toothbrush and paste
Insect repellent
SPF 15+ sun block
Lip balm SPF 15+
2 hankies or small box of tissues
Medical needs ie medicine (this will need to be handed in to your child’s teacher)


Sleeping bag
or Blankets/Duvets
Pillowcase (pillows supplied)

Other (necessary)
2 plastic bags (wet clothes)
Torch and 2 spare batteries
A good book (novel)
Tin/packet of goodies (see below)
A packed lunch for Tuesday
A day pack
2 drink bottles
Pack of cards or small board game
Diary – supplied by School.
Pencil case (collected from school on the day we leave)

Other (optional)
Taken at own risk:

Not to be taken

Knives of any sort
Anything resembling a weapon
Matches or lighters
Confectionery or junk food
Radios or computer games

Small Tin of Goodies Year 6

Home baking for shared morning, afternoon tea and suppers.  Encourage your child to bake but where this is not possible or practical maybe you could help.  (Named tins will be returned) 

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