Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Term 4 Newsletter

Kia Ora everyone,

Welcome to Term 4 of 2011. It’s hard to believe we are now in the final term of the year. It is fantastic to finally see the sun after a very long and wet winter.

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who helped out during our very successful Wearable Art performances at the end of Term 3. It was a huge process for everyone involved, right from the initial ideas, making of outfits, dance practices through to the final performances. The children looked fantastic on stage in their creative outfits and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

As usual, Term 4 is set to be another busy one, especially as it is only 8 weeks!

Below is a run down on the term. Feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher if there is anything you wish to discuss further.


Our writing focus for this term is persuasive writing, where we will be exploring how to write a quality argument. We will be looking at several current topics in the media, including oil spills and whaling to stir some debate!

Throughout our Inquiry and Reading lessons our focus is on developing thinking and information literacy skills, looking particularly at summarising key ideas into our own words.


We start the term revising some key concepts from the year. We will be focusing particularly on fractions, decimals, place value and operational strategies. We end the term looking at Measurement, studying Time. This Measurement unit will be taught in our own classes rather than cross grouping between the classes in the syndicate. Please continue to help your children at home with their basic facts. Many children know these but need to become quicker with their recall.


Because of Wearable Arts last term we ran out of time to complete our Festivals and Celebrations inquiry unit so for the first 3 weeks of this term we are revisiting this topic. Our big idea is: ‘The Reason for the Season has been lost in modern day society’. All classes are currently involved in a personal inquiry where each child is researching a particular festival from around the world. Their task to identify similarities and differences with the way their festival is celebrated now compared to the past.


Towards the end of the term Year 5 classes will be involved in revisiting the concepts around ‘Peer Mediation’. This is a programme created by the Peace Foundation and is part of their ‘Cool Schools’ initiative. In this programme the children will learn the skills of resolving conflict. At the end of the programme the Year 5 students will have an opportunity to apply to be a Peer Mediator in the playground at lunchtime so they can put these skills to good use. This will be an excellent leadership opportunity for children when they are in Year 6.

Physical Education

An exciting term for PE is planned, starting off with Athletics. The children will be taking part in Long Jump, High Jump, Vortex, Shot put, Quoit and Sprints. This leads in nicely to our school athletics day and Zone tournaments. We end the term with Swimming starting again down at the local pool.


Later in the term Muritai School will be holding an Art Auction to raise funds for Green Gecko Project. The GREEN GECKO project is an initiative founded to benefit the lives of street children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For more information on this project please visit: Each class in the school will be completing a co-operative piece of art to sell at the auction. More information regarding this auction will be available in the next few weeks.


This will be Week 6 and planning is currently underway. Activities will be finalised by the end of next week. As usual, we will need a lot of parent support for these days. More information will be sent home once ideas and dates are confirmed.

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2012

There will be a meeting for Forest Lakes Camp 2012 towards the end of the term. Details will be sent out closer to the time. You might like to consider whether you would like to be a parent supervisor. Preference will be given to parents who can attend the whole week in 2012.

Important Reminders


If you still have your child’s portfolio please return it for updating this term. They will go out on Week 8 with the reports.

Stationery Check

Many students are now missing pens, pencils, rulers, plastic pockets and calculators. These are necessary for everyday class work. Can you please ask your child if they need any items and replace them. Thank you.

Sun Hats & Drink Bottles

It’s term 4 and each child needs a hat to wear everyday outside. It needs to be a wide brimmed hat, not a cap and ideally should be left at school in their desk for easy access. Thank you to those students who have remembered. Students not wearing hats have to stay in the shade area by the junior rooms.

It is also recommended the children have their own named drink bottle at school. As the days get warmer it’s important they are fully hydrated.

Footwear and clothing

This term we need students to wear clothing that is suitable for outdoor sport. Please ensure your child wears shoes that they can run easily in (especially on Tuesdays as this is our athletics day.) Jandals and boots are not appropriate.

If you have any concerns or worries please contact your child’s teacher by leaving a phone message at the office or by email: teachers surname @

Kind Regards The Year 5 and 6 team

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