Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homework Week 8 of Term 3

Homework week 8 Term 3

Learn your 10 spelling words for the week.
Activity: Choose 1 of your spelling words and try to make as many other words from it as you can.
• You can only use each letter once
• The new word must be spelt correctly
• The new word must be at least 3 letters long
N.B: Make the most of the space in you homework book for this activity. Don’t waste space! You may like to rule up a table to record your new words.

Read for at least 15 minutes each night. Record your daily reading in a table.
Activity: Write a summary of what you have read so far.

Get someone to test you on the times tables. Get tested out of order for an extra challenge. Maybe you can ask them to test you on lots of different ones if you know them well.
If there are some you don’t know well – learn them!
Go onto the class blogs (if you have internet at home) and play some mathematics games – record the games you played.

Production preparation:
This week you have been asked to start bringing in some clothing and props for production. Make sure you start organising this today! Remember to bring all items (named) and in a named plastic bag. It might also be a good idea to bring in a coat hanger if you have things to hang up. Please bring in everything you have for costume on Tuesday 7th.

Homework presentation:
Make sure your homework is nicely presented this week (we may let you off homework next week) so make this one look great!

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